Cannabis plants can have healthy properties beyond buds – The Spokesman

When your doctor reminds you to be sure to eat your greens, the recommendation probably doesn’t include cannabis plants. But maybe it should.

“(Cannabis) makes me feel about 10 years younger. It gives me energy, just amazing energy,” said Pam Dyer, a Spokane-area medical marijuana patient, health blogger and a founder of the Eastern Washington chapter of Women of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana).

Since becoming a medical marijuana patient about seven years ago, Dyer has been experimenting with ways to eat the parts of the marijuana plant that don’t have psychotropic effects. This includes turning stalks and leaves into tasty smoothies.

She was initially looking for ways to relieve pain and issues related to scoliosis and other health problems.

“I was going through health coaching school,” she said. “I heard a lecture by David Wolf (an advocate for raw foodism, alternative medicine and vaccine denialism). He said, ‘If

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