America’s Genius For Branding Is Taking Marijuana To The Next Level

Getty Images

If there’s one thing America does really well, it’s selling products. From Air Jordans to fidget spinners, the U.S. selling machine knows how to crank it out by the millions and create hip products that stick. Some of that success has to do with sleek and novel design, like the iPhone, or the perfect celebrity endorsement, like Michael Jordan. But what’s almost always behind a great product that sells is one key feature: spot-on branding.

Now the expanding cannabis industry — which is projected by BDS Analytics to be a $32 billion worldwide business by 2022 — is getting in on the game. With adult-use and medical marijuana now legal across a solid majority of North America, makers of cannabis products are focusing their attention on clever ways to entice consumers to their wares. Many of the offerings are unique and upscale, such

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