Utah Senator Tries First Edible: ‘Everybody, Mellow Out’

“I have never tasted, eaten, smoked, shot up marijuana in my life,” he said, “so when I use it, I’ll be like a first time, because that’s what it is.”

Jim, if you’re using the phrase “shot up marijuana,” that’s pretty much as good as a bona fide gets. Because nobody “shoots up” cannabis. That’d be like snorting vodka or wearing a shoe as a hat. You can do it, I suppose, but why would anyone want to?

Dabakis purchased some gummies on Sat., Oct 20. He tasted a couple, and presumably enjoyed his weekend in Vegas:

Until this moment, I was a marijuana virgin. Ending that now. At least one legislator ought to try the stuff before we change the law!

Posted by Senator Jim Dabakis on Saturday, October 20, 2018

Two days later, on Mon., Oct. 22, Dabakis posted a follow-up video. “I am fine,” he wrote

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