What to Do With Cannabis Stalks, Leaves, & Stems From Harvest

Plants grow in a continual cycle of nutrient exchange, and cannabis plants in your garden are no different. Every nutrient pulled from the earth besides water and CO2 are simply moved from the soil to the plant. One way to reduce your cost of growing and waste is to look into ways you can use the nutrient-dense portions of the plant that normally get tossed out.

So, how can you utilize old stalks, leaves, roots, and soil?

(Elysse Feigenblatt/Leafly)

Stalks: Mulch for Your Garden

Cannabis plants produce extremely fibrous material in their stalks. Commercial hemp farming is largely based around either the fibrous qualities of the plant and the oil extracted from the hemp seeds. An all-female cannabis garden won’t produce any seeds, but you’ll still be left with large quantities of stalks.

You can use a wood chipper

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