Hothouse Holyoke, marijuana microbusiness, wins entree into Sira Naturals ‘accelerator’ program

A marijuana microbusiness called Hothouse Holyoke, started by a two former teachers who moved to Massachusetts from Texas, is among the first class of an “accelerator” program seeking to boost cannabis-focused companies.

Sira Naturals, the company behind several Massachusetts marijuana dispensaries, launched a 12-week accelerator program that provides small-scale businesses with access to lab technology, workspaces and cannabis oil for product development.

The Milford-based company has three medical marijuana dispensaries in Cambridge, Somerville and Needham.

The company received 400 applications and chose three: Hothouse Holyoke; a woman-owned business producing cannabis-infused edibles and pet snacks on Cape Cod called Healing Tree Edibles; and veteran-owned 612 Studios, which is developing a line of cannabis-tinged personal health and wellness products.

 MassLive reported on the launch of the accelerator program in May.

“We saw the MassLive article on the Sira accelerator program and we were in the process of starting a microbusiness in Holyoke,” says Audrey Park, Hothouse

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