How to add pot to your pot: The Nomad Cook brings cannabis to …

‘It’s not just about the cannabis, it’s not just about the food — it’s every little aspect going into it.’

The first time chef Travis Petersen set infused cuisine down in front of his guests, they gazed upon a delicacy which they had no choice but to inhale.

It was the weekend of the last 4/20 pro-pot celebration and 34-year-old Petersen, who goes by The Nomad Cook, had just plated the first dishes of a six-course, cannabis-infused meal in the living room of a Vancouver home for a private pop-up dinner.

Cautious about making a mark during his first foray into the world of pot cuisine, Petersen set out to create something his guests would talk about — and share on Instagram — in the days to follow. At $125 a person their expectations were high, after all.

For the appetizer, each guest inhaled a plume of cannabis smoke,

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