Eager to try cannabis edibles? Start with these two snack recipes

As a chef it is always interesting for me to discover a new ingredient. Cannabis, on the cusp of legalization in Canada, is no exception. Still, when the initial request for the assignment came in from my editor, I had to laugh. Far from an experienced user, and long having written off edibles (thanks to once snacking on a horrible-tasting, heavily dosed weed cookie), what would I be getting myself into?

I got in touch with an expert for some help. Dan Sutton is the owner of Tantalus Labs in Maple Ridge, B.C., where they grow medical-grade cannabis in greenhouses. He is a passionate and experienced user with great insight for beginners.

Both Sutton and I agree that the prospect of having an unpleasant experience is one of the biggest turn-offs for anyone thinking of giving edibles a go. The key, according to Sutton, is to “start low and

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