Cooking With Ricky Flickenger: Restaurant-Worthy Edibles Don’t Have to Be Complicated

The key is microdosing—down to the precise miligram. It’s better to carefully introduce 10-30 milligrams of THC into a dish, rather than shove 500 milligrams in there. When preparing a four-course meal for example, there may be only 2 milligrams in each course, allowing for the total equivalent of a standard edible to emerge comfortably throughout the evening. The practice not only reduces the chances for a sudden hit of brain fog but adds to the overall enjoyment of the meal itself.

“The smells and flavor of the food are enhanced, and you don’t feel the need to necessarily shovel everything into your mouth like when you have the munchies,” says Flickenger. “You get to really enjoy the experience.”

Pairing Real World Experience With Delicious Cuisine

(Courtesy of Mortar ’n Pestle)

No dish is off limits, including bread,

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