The 19 Best Cookbooks of Fall 2018

Although Filipinos constitute one of the largest Asian immigrant populations in America, cuisines like Thai, Japanese and Korean are far better known in this country. A desire to rectify that pushed Nicole Ponseca, a former advertising executive, to open the restaurants Maharlika and Jeepney in Manhattan. And it’s what inspired her to write her first cookbook, “I Am A Filipino” (Artisan, $35), with the chef Miguel Trinidad. “I want people to taste the pungent unctuous, real Filipino flavors,” she writes, which are confidently funky, highly acidic and coyly sweet. The recipes run the gamut from comforting pansits, noodle dishes filled with seafood, vegetables and crunchy pork rinds; to piquant piaparan manok, a haunting turmeric-spiced chicken-wing stew with ginger and chiles; to ginataang tambo, a mildly tangy

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