Slow and low

Local tokers will remember the high times of June 2018 for a long time to come, if they remember anything at all. Bargains abounded on dispensary menus all throughout June, with discounts reaching 50 percent and higher. By the end of the month, some businesses chose to give away their remaining products to customers. But at midnight on July 1, the party abruptly came to an end, as new testing and packaging regulations for cannabis products took effect.

These new requirements were originally instituted when cannabis became legal in California on January 1 of this year, but enforcement was suspended for six months to allow companies time for compliance. On July 1, though, any noncompliant goods had to be destroyed, and experts estimate that over $500 million of merchandise was discarded. The laws mandate that all marijuana flowers and oils must be tested for pesticides and other chemicals before being sold,

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