Estée Lauder’s Origins Capitalizes On Cannabis With A Face Mask

Origins Hello, Calm Face MaskCourtesy of Origins

Origins are the latest mainstream company to capitalize on the burgeoning cannabis beauty market by launching a new celadon green face mask that contains cannabis sativa seed oil from hemp. 

The cannabis beauty business is booming, according to the industry’s main market research firm the Brightfield Group. Their latest study claims, “As hemp CBD is extremely versatile, companies have begun infusing it into everything from facial scrubs and deodorant.” However, its efficacy in such products is sketchy. 

There is very little cannabidiol in seed oil; almost none,” stresses Chris Bunka, CEO of Lexaria Bioscience. “This is why seed oil is allowable to sell in grocery stores as a cooking oil. Even if refined/distilled, the amount of CBD is negligible. Seed oil (“cannabis” or “hemp”) is a healthy dietary item with little or no CBD or THC.”

“Often categorized as

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