Meet The Daily Leaf: Doing What They Love and Creating a Living Doing It

The Daily Leaf’s Stephen Gold Andy YasharPhoto credit: Sam Gehrke

If you take a few seconds away from the day-to-day journey that most people take, from wake to sleep, there are very few opportunities to do what you love. That is especially true on the East Coast of the USA, where the search for success often clouds over the chance to actually do what you love.

Portland, Oregon is one of the epicenters of modern cannabis entrepreneurship. Seemingly overnight, an entire way of thinking has reinvented and reinvented yet again, a brand-new way of conceptualizing through the art of ultra high-end cannabis. There are many choices out there, some good, some bad, and some indifferent. The cannabis industry is evolving constantly.

The Daily Leaf seeks to make this burgeoning industry as simple and inexpensive as possible for the ultra high-end consumer

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