Commissioner: Don’t expect marijuana tax `windfall’

MONTPELIER — Tax Commissioner Kaj Samsom poured cold water Monday on predictions that a retail marijuana market in Vermont will fill state coffers with discretionary funds.

Speaking at a meeting of the governor’s Marijuana Advisory Commission in Montpelier, Samsom said the state should only expect $15 million to $20 million of yearly revenue from retail cannabis, which will mostly cover the cost of increased government oversight.

“As far as beyond the actual costs to have a safe and responsible tax and regulated system, it is unreasonable to assume that there will be a lot of money floating around,” Samson said. “And when we get estimates for education, public safety, and highway safety: there will be great demands there.”

This $15 million to $20 million will cover education programs as well as the roadway enforcement and training needed to maintain public safety, he said. It does not include indirect revenue from cannabis tourism or

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