5 Aromatherapy Recipes For Mental Relaxation

Life gets so stressful sometimes that it takes effort just to relax. There are many ways to promote mental relaxation with aromatherapy, or the practice of using the power of scent to heal the mind and body. This alternative medicine uses essential oils extracted from plants to regulate the autonomic nervous system. From vaping after a long work commute, to applying solar-infused cannabis with lavender oil through massage, to diffusing at home, you can use essential oils to experience aromatherapy benefits. Check out five solid aromatherapy recipes that can help you relax, manage stress and even sleep better.

1. When You Want to Feel Calm: Lavender Chamomile  

Lavender is one of the most popular and versatile essential oils, as it has well-known aromatherapy benefits that can improve your overall health. Since it is anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and restorative, regular use can naturally lead to better health. On top of that, it

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