Q+A: Mary Jane Had a Little Lamb, And Edibles Baked by Sara Rivas Are Sure to Go

By, Charlotte Wilson Langley

Sara Rivas may seem like the prototypical girl next door. She likes hip-hop, plays soccer, sings in a choir, but there is a delightful twist to this Los Angeles resident: she’s a talented gourmet baker with a not-so-secret-ingredient — weed.

But Rivas doesn’t want to simply please your taste buds, she wants to make you feel better, too. In 2005, while still in high school, Rivas met cannabis chef Mike Delao, a Cannabis Planet TV presenter and host of “Cooking on High.” Delao opened her eyes to the possibility of a career in cannabis.

“I think it was the whole concept of cooking and baking with cannabis that I can thank him for,” Rivas told Marijuana.com. “I had only heard of ‘special brownies’ growing up, but he opened my eyes to the idea of infusing just about anything, but still focusing on great tasting goods

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