U of A working group recommends designating areas for cannabis use on campus – Folio

A University of Alberta group tasked with examining the issues surrounding the use of cannabis on its campuses is recommending the university designate a limited number of spaces for people to consume the drug once it becomes legal on Oct. 17.

The proposal is among 19 recommendations the university’s cannabis working group made in its report to administration.

“Assuming the city permits use in public, we believe we should align with the laws and values of the surrounding community,” said Steve Dew, U of A provost and vice-president (academic).

“Thousands of people live on our campuses in university residences, and we know a number of them are going to smoke or vape cannabis,” he said. “Without designated spaces to use it, they would have to leave the property.”

The working group spent months consulting with stakeholders on campus, examining a wide range of issues, from cannabis consumption to research.

Key recommendations in the

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