Top 10 Universities for an Elevated Education

Merely talking about cannabis on a college campus used to be something you only did on the down low. Today, however, not only are there campuses where you can legally consume, but there are also colleges and classes specifically focused on cannabis education.

In this article, we will take a look at 10 of the top universities where you can receive an elevated education surrounding this miraculous plant that is becoming widely accepted across the nation and around the world.

THC University is located in Colorado but offers all classes online for convenience and easy access by students globally. Their current course offerings include Marijuana 101 (an intro to cannabis), Budtender Basics, Terpenes Basics, Grow Basics, Horticulture Specialist, Cannabis Business and Safety Regulations for the state of Colorado and Washington.

Unlimited access to all of their professional courses can be obtained for $50 monthly or as low as $420 for

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