Maryland’s medical cannabis program technically bans food products — yet sells plenty of edible items

Dave hadn’t slept for more than three hours straight after a series of botched surgeries 18 years ago left him with chronic pain so intense it kept him awake at night. Relief was hard to come by — until he made a tray of marijuana-infused brownies. Half of a small fudgy square was enough to put him to sleep for 14 hours.

“It was the first thing I found that worked for the nerve pain,” he said.

Medical marijuana has since become part of the 62-year-old’s pain-management regimen, and he’s one of thousands of patients in Maryland who are ingesting cannabis extracts to treat their conditions.

For a state that has banned food from its medical cannabis program, Maryland provides plenty of ways for patients to ingest the drug. Patients won’t find pot brownies on local dispensary shelves, but a gray area in the law allows the shops to sell tinctures, tablets, powders

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