Hotels are tapping into the $2.1 billion cannabis market with CBD room service

Here’s one way to curb your late night munchies.

Hotels are offering guests cannabis-infused room service menus, featuring comfort foods like meatballs, ice cream sundaes and candies all made with CBD, a derivative of the cannabis plant.

CBD is one of the compounds found in marijuana plants but unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) — which is the chemical compound in cannabis that gets users high — CBD is non-psychoactive. Instead, it may be able to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, stress and anxiety, research shows — the perfect midnight snack after a long day of travel that also happens to be legal.

At The James Nomad hotel in New York City, guests can order from the special CBD tasting menu. “We’re always researching new ways to help our guests relax,” James La Russo, a manager at the hotel, told Moneyish. “CBD extract is proven to have calming effects, easing anxiety and stress. With it

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