Looming legalization gives rise to wave of cannabis startup accelerators

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Alex Blumenstein, co-founder of Leaf Forward cannabis incubator poses in Toronto on Aug. 1, 2018. Leaf Forward is Canada’s first and leading cannabis business accelerator.

The Globe and Mail

Cannabis legalization is attracting hordes of hopeful entrepreneurs to the sector. Yet when they have questions about complex regulatory issues and other business challenges, there have been relatively few mentors and programs to offer guidance. A new crop of cannabis-focused incubators and accelerators is hoping to change that by launching programs to assist fledgling firms in the marijuana sector.

“Any startup needs a system of support, and it’s very tough to be an entrepreneur,” says Alex Blumenstein, co-founder of Leaf Forward in Toronto. Leaf Forward is currently raising $3-million for its first accelerator program, scheduled to begin in October.


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