Weed beer is near, and it’s gonna get weird

Would you drink marijuana-infused beer? Beer companies think so, but they are going to have to navigate a hazy path of rules and regulations to find out.

Two Roots Brewing Co. has spent millions of dollars clearing that path, and shows just how convoluted it can be. To get its weed beer to the masses, the San Diego, Calif., startup had to engineer a new way for marijuana to enter a drinker’s blood stream, remove the alcohol from the beer altogether, and develop a multi-state production system that only infuses the pot into the drink when it has reached the state where it is sold. All of those efforts have led to sales in just California and Nevada, though at least residents of those two states now have nonalcoholic beer that can get them high.

As giants of the alcohol industry buy into the concept of potent pot potables, they will

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