The Herb Column: High-Level Eats

To many consumers, the idea of edibles — cannabis-infused chocolate bars, brownies and other treats — sounds enticing. Especially considering health concerns about cigarettes have made people uncomfortable with smoke, including from marijuana.

 Cannabis consumption is becoming part of the foodie scene, following the legalization of recreational weed for adults in California with the passage of Proposition 64. As a testament to this trend, Netflix has created a new show, Cooking on High, featuring comedian and cannabis connoisseur Ngaio Bealum of Sacramento.

Inexperienced cannabis users can become familiar with edibles by visiting one of Sacramento’s 30 dispensaries — where some of the products are locally made by four Sacramento manufacturers. Consumers can’t eat marijuana edibles at restaurants yet because state regulations prohibit it. (The state’s top cannabis regulator has said this is an issue that needs to be addressed in the near future.)

But users need to exercise caution: Edibles come with

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