This Grow Box Company Is Trying To Lure Hip Hop Artists

Israel, though still not legalized, remains one of the most important cannabis hubs on the planet. It is a global leader in cannabis research, it allows for some medical usages of the plant and has decriminalized it for first and second time offenders. Israel also leads the way in innovative cannabis products and their heady promotion.

Take the company Seedo for example. They’re basically a grow box company with special standouts, like imitating the optimal light spectrum and replicating the proper light vs. dark times in a perfectly contained ecosystem that provides everything your plants need at just the right times.

Now Seedo has developed a fully automated device that uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to grow plants with precision. But their real goal? Securing some well-known rappers from the U.S. to promote the automated grow boxes.

Seedo told

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