Incredibles Founder Bob Eschino on Future of Edibles and Infused Products

Bob Eschino: I used to own a packaging and distribution house in Denver. Rick Scarpello, my partner, used to be a customer. We were always talking about ideas for side businesses, and most of them were about food. But nine or ten years ago, my brother became the medical caretaker for my grandmother. She was 89, had a lot of pain, couldn’t sleep, had a loss of appetite and had arthritis, and my brother made infused cookies and topicals for her. That was the first time I saw cannabis as medicine.

Rick and I were talking about side businesses again, and that was when HB 1284, Colorado legislation that set up a regulatory framework for medical marijuana businesses, was coming [in 2010]. When I brought up making edibles in Rick’s kitchen, he said no at first, but then he met my grandmother. Once he saw what I saw, he

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