An ‘ethical pharmaceutical’ from a less-than-ethical company

Wikimedia Commons/Jesus Solana


GW Pharmaceuticals, the U.K.-based company that recently got the first marijuana-based medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration, has announced its price: $32,500 a year.

The medication, called Epidiolex, is a cannabidiol (CBD)-based drug that was approved as a treatment for epilepsy. It’s price deserves a “WTF” rating for two reasons.

The first is how it compares with the price of high-CBD marijuana strains that epilepsy patients can currently buy.

According to the Colorado Epilepsy Foundation, the high-CBD pot strain Charlotte’s Web will cost an epilepsy patient anywhere from $100 to $600 a month ($1,200 to $7,200 a year) depending on the dosage. In other words, Epidiolex will cost a patient 4.5 to 27 times as much as high-CBD pot.

For that price you would think

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