5 Takeaways for Cannabis Dispensaries on the Growing Edibles Market

Although legal troubles threatened to halt cannabis business licensing and the launch of Arkansas’ medical marijuana program earlier this year, industry advocates report a relatively smooth and timely rollout in the Natural State.

Arkansas voters passed a constitutional amendment in November 2016 to legalize medical cannabis, and lawmakers moved quickly to implement the program, according to Robert deBin, president of the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association (ACIA). The industry trade association was founded in 2017 and focuses on advocacy, educating potential business applicants and patient outreach. “It’s government, so there’s a lot of red tape everywhere, but that was really the only real delay, just the government process that’s required by our constitution.”

And lawmakers largely respected the original amendment passed by voters, according to Glen Schwarz, executive director for the Arkansas chapter of NORML. “The government is cooperating with implementing a program,” he told Cannabis Dispensary. “At first,

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