How to Have a Cannabis-Friendly Fantasy Football Draft Party

Looking to take your fantasy football draft party to a higher-level? We’ve got some elevated suggestions to make sure your draft party doesn’t leave you, or your friends, feeling deflated.

The Best Pre-Draft Strains

Fantasy players spend hours combing over stats, numbers and analytics. And let’s face it, analyzing all that data can be overwhelming. Which means you’re going to need a pre-draft strain that’s going to provide laser focus while finalizing your picks:

True OG – If you find yourself crunching some last-minute numbers, then this indica-dominant strain will slow your brain and help you focus on the task at hand.

Green Crack – A sativa strain that really stimulates the brain. Green Crack provides energy and focus by sharpening and heightening the senses, which might come in handy if you find yourself having to make some creative, last-second picks.

Sour Diesel – This extremely potent sativa can have negative

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