Sponsor Spotlight: Eat More Hemp

“I often describe Eat More Hemp as the GotMilk? for the hemp foods industry,” Thatcher Michelsen of Eat More Hemp, this week’s Hemp Fest 2018 featured Sponsor Spotlight, explains. “I am working on a collaborative cookbook/storybook and a video series where I’ll be traveling the country in order to produce recipe content with hundreds of famous chefs, doctors, and athletes. Imagine a full size tour bus with custom graphics, as well as a pop up hemp experience with education and boutique, and throw in an online 3rd party verified marketplace for hemp foods and CBD products.”
Back story? Michelsen grew up in the southern Vermont Manchester/Dorset area, the youngest of four siblings, with three older sisters. His oldest sister Melissa was responsible for getting him initially interested in hemp, suggesting that he learn about it when I was just

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