Protecting Your Dogs from Accidental Marijuana Ingestion

© Stock Pot Images / Cindi Spears-Cahill

Even though the vast majority of the effects of cannabis legalization are overwhelmingly positive – and even if they weren’t, marijuana should still be legal because those using it are not infringing on the rights of anyone else – I’ll be the first to admit that it creates several issues that need to be addressed.

One is accidental ingestion by pets. To be fair, these ingestions happened even under the strictest of cannabis prohibitions, but the amount of dogs accidentally ingesting marijuana is on the rise. The main reason for that are edibles.

Under prohibition, if you wanted a marijuana edible, you or someone you knew had to make them. Many people decided against that, either because of a lack of knowledge, time or will to do so. Under legalization, however, retail sales of legal

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