Cannabis Tourism: More Than A Rocky Mountain High

Gay Culture and Cannabis

With so much to learn and experience in this developing realm, marijuana seems to be a logical niche for the LGBT set. Queers tend to be more open-minded overall, and they’re early adapters to new concepts and experimentation.

On the supply side, however, many complain that the industry is overrun with hetero, white, cis-men. The notable shortage of women, people of color, and LGBT business owners and cultivators has been called out for years.

“I think there has always been a strong, positive relationship between the LGBT consumer and cannabis,” says Hodas. “I know a few [LGBT] entrepreneurs, but there is honestly a lack of diversity in the ownership of the industry, which many before me have brought to light.”

Women, it seems, are of great interest to the booming Mary Jane biz. They’re considered an overlooked segment, and Dona Frank, founder of Natural Cannabis Company (,

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