Cops say pot legalization hikes illicit dope business

Police say a “gray market” of illegal pot dealing is “thriving” under the state’s marijuana legalization laws, and they’re concerned that it will boom as it has in states like California, where it is undercutting the licensed operations.

“The gray market is already here,” Walpole police Chief John Carmichael told the Herald.

“If you look back at when the proponents proposed that we legalize marijuana in Massachusetts, one of the big things they stood by was that it was going to, and I quote, ‘Rid Massachusetts of the illicit market,’ ” said Carmichael, who is on the state’s Cannabis Advisory Board. “There’s nothing further from truth. It won’t rid us of the illicit market. It will make it much worse.”

The new law allows up to 12 plants in a home with two adults. Each adult in a home is allowed to possess 10 ounces of pot in addition to the plants.

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