Marijuana Matters: The effects of edibles on the body

SHELBURNE, Vt. (WCAX) The morning of June 13, Shelburne police responded to Shelburne Farms for a call of two unresponsive employees.

“Being at the inn, we thought it would have been maybe a CO alarm a carbon monoxide or some other issue at the inn,” Sgt. Josh Flore said.

But it turned out the two workers ate chocolate left behind by guests at the inn. Police said the candy looked like “Whoppers” malted milk balls but they were actually marijuana edibles, which got the employees sick.

“This was the first time that I have dealt with it,” Flore said.

So what happens if you consume a marijuana edible and get sick?

“People come in that don’t know they ingested marijuana. They are manifesting signs and symptoms of intoxication but they don’t know that they are intoxicated,” said Dr. Eike Blohm, an emergency room

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