Letter to the editor: Marijuana hypocrisy

Received Aug. 2

I don’t use marijuana. I never have. But I believe that marijuana should be legalized. My reasons for this are not that I think it’s some miracle cure-all, it’s a “victimless crime,” or that it’s harmless.

I’m not advocating recreational marijuana use. Only it’s legalization. That’s all. Here are my reasons: My son spent a year in jail for marijuana use. After visiting him in jail, I would go shopping. The stores are full of all types of merchandise with marijuana leaves and references printed on them and some shaped as marijuana leaves. There’re magazines devoted entirely to marijuana; discussing varieties of it, how to grow, harvest and use it. There’re cookbooks devoted to “marijuana edibles.”

In other shops, bongs and other paraphernalia are sold legally, which they claim are only for tobacco use (yeah, right). Celebrities constantly praise marijuana and its use in interviews. Their shows champion marijuana use

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