Cali’s Best Cannabis Dining and How to Get Invited

Over the past eight years, as the movement to integrate cannabis into fine dining has gathered momentum, I’ve sampled early offerings from transgressive cooks and high-end chefs alike—tasting experimental cuisine from cutting-edge culinary seekers eager to make a name for themselves by seizing upon a previously forbidden and underutilized herb.

Nowadays, weed food attracts attention from Michelin-star chefs, TV producers, food critics and restaurant trade associations, but when I first got into it in 2012—as author of The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook—only a handful of adventurous foodies dared add the “secret ingredient” to their menus and pantries.

Find Dispensaries Nearby

From the earliest days of this underground movement, I began attending the smattering of secret weed dinners springing up in private homes, closed restaurants, urban lofts and erstwhile art galleries. There was a contagious spirit of optimistic invention in that trailblazing era, with chefs like Chris Sayegh (“The Herbal Chef”), Andrea

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