By THE WASHINGTON TIMES – – Tuesday, August 7, 2018


It’s good to be smart. Nearly everybody craves the company of the brainy and bright. Smart people usually surround themselves with the intelligent gadgetry of modernity — smart phones, smart cars, smart watches, smart TVs, even smart fridges that can recite recipes and stream video on demand. It is true, of course, that gadgets can be become addictive. Then acquiring the latest expensive iFrill is not so smart.

So it’s a bit odd that many Americans are increasingly enamored of a smelly ingredient of modern life that promotes the very opposite of smartness. Marijuana use is going mainstream, despite the fact that it reeks of dumb and dumber.

The speed with which the U.S. appetite for cannabis has reached the fruited plain would make kudzu an ecological slowpoke by comparison. Michigan will vote in November whether to join nine other states and the District of Columbia in legalizing “recreational” marijuana. Utah will

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