The Edible Weed Industry Is Growing, and Trying to Prevent Your Next Freakout

If your formative experiences with cannabis-laced foods were anything like mine, you probably unwittingly found a brownie buried in the back of the freezer at your collegiate summer sublet, ate a few big chunks, thought it tasted like it was made with rancid goat milk, went out for a fancy dinner with some friends of your parents who were lecturing that night on bioethics, and realized halfway through the caprese that you could no longer control your narrative, or your face—you were high as fuck and might be forever.

But these days, most edibles encounters actually look nothing like mine. From chips to chocolates to chews to chuggables, T.H.C.-laced products are now widely available in the 60 percent of the United States where weed is legal to some degree. And, according to Daniel Yi from MedMen—the largest publicly traded cannabis retailer in America—edibles consumption is growing exponentially. “The joints

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