Stardew Valley’s Cannabis mod is exactly what you’d expect

Stardew Valley is all about supply and demand, and that now apparently includes marijuana. This is all thanks to user ‘SmellyHippe_,’ who has dedicated a new mod entirely to the growth of cannabis (via PC Gamer).

Well, it is legal in many US states and Canada now, so why not Stardew Valley too? 

The new Cannabis mod is actually pretty comprehensive. For starters, there’s six new crops to grow in Stardew Valley, as well as 40 new items and 37 crafting recipes. You can’t apparently get high off your own efforts though, as it’s more focused on the production side of things rather than, erm, ‘enjoying’ its effects.

SmellyHippie_ has really gone to town in terms of accuracy though. For example, the THC resin can be separated from the bud of the plant using the resin sieve item, and you can make hash bricks from resin using the hash press that’s up for grabs. 


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