The new, cannabis-infused look of dinner party menus

At $250 apiece, the meal wasn’t cheap, but for Vancouverite Kris Barnholden, the eight-course menu was irresistible.

The West Coast chef had never been to a cannabis-infused dinner, but when the invitation came his way, he jumped at the chance to partake in the high-end event.

“I’m not personally a big user,” says Barnholden, 41, who attended the dinner for 60 at a secret location in Vancouver’s historic Gastown neighbourhood last April. “But I love food and I’m always looking for new trends in elevated cuisine. People were laughing, less guarded. The conversation was spontaneous and easy. And not one person was checking out their phone.”

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Up-and-coming cannabis chef Chris Sayegh of Los Angeles flew up to cater the pop-up event, just one of the hundreds of private, cannabis-curated dinners he’s prepared since launching his company, the Herbal Chef, three years ago.

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