Only 7 of 104 applicants make grade to process medical marijuana

Ohio has approved a mere seven processors to turn marijuana plant material into approved forms such as oils and edibles as the state’s medical marijuana programs quickly approaches a start date.

The Ohio Department of Commerce announced Friday that only seven out of the 104 applicants met the requirements to serve as a processor of medical marijuana.

Up to 40 licenses for processors could have been awarded by the state, but not nearly enough met the minimum requirements. Another six applicants could still receive licenses to process medical marijuana but are still awaiting background and tax checks.

Of the seven, two processors will be in Franklin County.

The seven current processors are:

• Fire Rock Processing Ltd. in Columbus

• Corsa Verde LLC in Columbus

• Ohio Grown Therapies, LLC in Johnstown

• Ohio Green Grow LLC in Toledo

• Greenleaf Therapeutics, LLC in either Geauga County or Lake County

• Grow Ohio Pharmaceuticals, LLC in Muskingum

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