Edibles vs. Smoking: 11 Differences Between the Two

Like today’s political climate in the United States, the weed-loving world stands divided on a number of issues. But unlike the corrupted world of US politics, those in support of marijuana still find some common ground. They unite behind their love for Mary Jane. Even so, what may make one person high and happy may make another paranoid and uncomfortable. So what actually divides them is how they get their weed high. Do they prefer the harsh hit of smoke or the thick thud of a high that hits thirty minutes after eating a space cake? Certainly, other methods of getting high off of marijuana are available, but these two reign supreme. And it’s up to the individual how they prefer to dance with Mary Jane. But what sets these two ways of getting stoned apart?

Let’s break down the differences between these sure-fire ways of getting high. When it

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