It’s All In The Packaging: How Cool Cannabis Branding And Display Can Boost Sales

When a state legalizes cannabis for recreation or medical purposes, products flood the market hoping to gain an early foothold on sales, consumer preferences, and brand recognition.  Companies in the fast-paced industry need to create compelling packaging that meets strict state regulations and can stand out in a crowded storefront. The wrapping can be as important as what’s inside.

Packaging cannabis products goes far beyond a cool logo and regulation-compliant containers said Jenna Zilincar, founder and creative director at M studio based in Asbury Park, New Jersey. She began working with packaging and display concepts for the weed industry about three years ago.

Levo Oil DisplayLevo

There’s a story to the brand, a target customer, an overall look and feel, and more. The brand becomes “a dynamic platform that tells a compelling visual story,” said Zilincar, ”and the packaging is an integral part.”

Mo Taxon who has helped run

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