July 2018

Authorities throughout Florida’s correctional facilities are seeing a spike in the number of inmate deaths associated with synthetic marijuana. But before we get to the story, what exactly is synthetic marijuana? As The Fresh Toast has previously reported, synthetic marijuana is not marijuana. And it’s not just one substance, either. In essence, it is a […]

Stardew Valley has an enormous variety of crops ranging from cranberries to kale to starfruit. But ‘Smellyhippie_’s’ Cannabis Mod adds six more—and I bet you could guess them just from their username alone. With decriminalization of marijuana becoming common across the States and Canada, it only makes sense that the citizens of Stardew Valley would […]

OKLAHOMA CITY — Gov. Mary Fallin on Wednesday approved a controversial set of medicinal marijuana regulations, including a sales ban on smokable forms and a requirement that licensed pharmacists staff dispensaries. Fallin’s action came a day after the State Board of Health, which is overseeing the implementation, slapped restrictive and controversial changes on the framework […]

Canada is jumping into the deep end of the international law pool with its move away from prohibition and towards the regulation of adult-use cannabis outside of medical use. This change in course is expected to more effectively curb cannabis use by children and remove a source of revenue held exclusively by criminals. It will […]

ROCHESTER, Minn. – A Cannabis chef is looking into opening a restaurant in Rochester. Rochester native Payton Curry is an award-winning chef who studied at the Culinary Institute of America. He now lives in Arizona where he’s at the center of the cannabis dining arena. He operates a kitchen that stocks over 50 dispensaries in […]

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Newsrooms across the commonwealth have spent years documenting the opioid crisis in their own communities. But now, in the special project State of Emergency: Searching for Solutions to Pennsylvania’s Opioids Crisis, we are marshalling resources to spotlight what Pennsylvanians are doing to try to reverse the soaring number of overdose deaths. WITF is releasing more than 60 […]

Intellectual property can and should be approached with a strategic focus on where you are, what you are creating and investing in currently, and the direction in which you see your company moving in the future. This holistic evaluation and planning is not unique to the cannabis industry, but the current regulatory and legal concerns […]

Like cannabis edibles and dairy-free ice cream, mocktails are having a moment this summer. And I’m not talking about boring old club soda with a wedge of lime, but high-end, booze-free cocktails that look and taste like sophisticated culinary works of art. According to a recent report, mocktails are among the leading non-alcoholic beverage trends on […]

By Meg Bantle – Jul 12, 2018 Most people, even non-cannabis smokers, could pretty easily recognize two parts of the cannabis plant: the flower, or bud, that is dried and sold for consumption, and the fan shaped leaves that are often used in advertisements. An important aspect of turning the flower of the cannabis plant […]