How a cannabis company can win mainstream consumers

At the Institute of Food Technologists conference in Chicago, attendees and presenters across the spectrum of food science, policy, regulation and manufacturing were buzzing about cannabis-based foods. 

It’s just another sign of the marijuana market’s slow convergence with food — a blurring line that has spurred significant investment and acquisition in the beer space, as well as growing interest from mainstream consumers who have never used the substance before. 

CEO Justin Singer founded Stillwater Brands in Colorado in 2014 to cater to this first-time consumer and fill what he believes to be a lucrative hole in the cannabis market for “microdose” food products.

In June 2016 Justin and his team launched a suite of powdered teas that contain THC and cannabidiol (CBD) levels ranging from 2.5 to 5 milligrams per serving, along with the motto “Smoke-free. Calorie-free. Judgment-free.” In December that same year, the company introduced its Ripple dissolvable THC product

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