7 Infused Toppings for the Perfect Ice Cream Sundae

Load up your favorite ice cream with a THC twist and an extra cherry on top.

Cheerfield’s Chocolate Sauce by Planted Sales Co.

Unless you’re the kind of person (read: madman) who doesn’t like chocolate, then no sundae is complete without chocolate sauce. Planted Sales Co. delivers the goods with their distillate infused, 50mg THC Cheerfield’s Chocolate Sauce with a hint of citrus. Warm it up for a hot fudge effect or just drizzle it on top if you don’t want to wait for this special treat.

Available in: Oregon

Modus Gummy Bears by TopLeaf Canada

💨💨💨 @hightimesmagazine @hightimesmagazine @hightimesmagazine #Repost @zen_plug ・・・ Wasn’t sure what I’d find North of the border but these are by FAR the best nugs yet! Thank you @topleafcanada for the #humboldt black GOLD. 🔥🖤🔥and @kokoandkaijewelry for the fresh #thc molecule!! #blessed #zenplug #hightimes

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