Chef Ricky Flickenger Debuts Cannabis Cookbook "Cannabis & the Art of Infusion"

SEATTLE – July 16, 2018 ( Newswire) Cooking and baking with cannabis used to be a guessing game in terms of dosage, effect, and flavor. Chef Ricky Flickenger, in partnership with Seattle-based dispensary the Evergreen Market, are taking the guesswork out of cannabis cuisine with Flickenger’s first cookbook “Cannabis the Art of Infusion.”

“With this book, I hope to dispel the negative stigma associated with cannabis cuisine and instead educate people on how easy and accessible cooking with cannabis can be,” said Flickenger. “The recipes featured are cultivated from dishes I enjoyed as a child and ones I made throughout my personal culinary journey. I am excited to share them with the world and hope people enjoy them as much as I do.”

“Cannabis the Art of Infusion” breaks down cannabis cooking into three skills; decarboxylation, infusing, and dosing. In addition to implementing these skills, all of the recipes

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