Voters feeling burned: Emergency medical cannabis rules draw local criticism

Gov. Mary Fallin approved emergency rules regulating medical cannabis sales in Oklahoma last week, but some stipulations are already proving controversial. 

One rule dictates that dispensaries will need a pharmacist on staff to make sales. Another states that cannabis in smokeable form will remain illegal, even for medical use. Local medical cannabis advocates have criticized the regulations as unnecessary and harmful. 

Todd Larkin, owner of CBD Wellness in Ardmore, said that as a small business owner, keeping a pharmacist on staff would be prohibitively expensive.  

“There’s no way we could cover that cost,” Larkin said. “But then who is that going to fall back on? It’s going to fall back on the customer.” 

He said restricting cannabis in smokeable form is harmful to patients who would benefit from it, adding that pills, oils and edible forms of cannabis are not medically interchangeable with smokeable forms. 

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