No Smoking, and Other Controversial Medical Marijuana Rules in Oklahoma

By Dale Denwalt

Gov. Mary Fallin has signed emergency rules regulating Oklahoma’s medical marijuana industry a day after they were introduced by the State Board of Health.

Although the industry said more regulations were needed to ensure the new law could be effectively implemented, her decision Wednesday set off a firestorm of commentary about controversial provisions that were introduced shortly before the board’s action.

“These rules are the best place to start in developing a proper regulatory framework for medical marijuana, with the highest priority given to the health and safety of Oklahomans,” Fallin said. “They are also the quickest and most cost-efficient way to get the process actually started as required by the law passed by the people.”

Most of the new rules are typical bureaucratic fare, including sections that regulate labels, testing, advertising and disposal.

However, additions introduced before the meeting Tuesday included provisions that ban smokable marijuana and some edibles, and the

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