Florida Prisons Seeing Rise In Synthetic Marijuana Deaths

Authorities throughout Florida’s correctional facilities are seeing a spike in the number of inmate deaths associated with synthetic marijuana.

But before we get to the story, what exactly is synthetic marijuana?

As The Fresh Toast has previously reported, synthetic marijuana is not marijuana. And it’s not just one substance, either.

In essence, it is a concoction of man-made chemicals that are sprayed onto ground plant matter, that has a vague appearance of marijuana.  These man-made chemicals act similar to THC in that they interact with the cell receptors in your brain.

The problem is that each product varies widely and the consumer has no idea which chemicals are present. The chemicals are toxic. And once one of the chemicals is identified and banned, a similar, nearly identical chemical is created. It becomes a never-ending battle of law enforcement vs. chemists.

When an inmate overdoses on synthetic marijuana, they either have a seizure, a heart attack or

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