Not Your Ordinary Cannabis Company

  • Set to RTO on the Canadian Securities Exchange July 9
  • Ticker symbol will be SPR
  • Patent-pending infusion technology could be an industry game-changer

Sproutly Inc. (SPR:CSE) is due to become publicly traded via a Reverse Takeover (RTO) with Stone Ridge Exploration Corp. on Monday, July 9 on the Canadian Securities Exchange. Prior to reaching this milestone, the emerging cannabis company first entered the market in 2016 trying to be like everyone else, selling and growing high quality cannabis to consumers and opening a dispensary in Eugene, Oregon.

When any new market is created it has a tendency to move in stages. The first stage of the legalized marijuana industry encompassed large scale producers delivering the highest quality product. The marketplace has since matured and companies with 1-5 million square foot grow capacities have a strong foothold in the legalized marijuana market for the foreseeable future. Keith Dolo, the

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