HiFi Exchange Uses Fashion & Lifestyle PR Model to Promote Cannabis and CBD

Jennifer Gross, standing, and Julia Axelrod of HiFi Exchange

HiFi Exchange features cannabis, CBD and THC brands looking to reach journalists, buyers and retailers who are trying to navigate the new world of legal marijuana. Gross and Axelrod’s years and experience in marketing, lifestyle PR and consumer collaborations will not only amplify the profile of the products they represent but likely will add credibility to the industry as a whole. After all, Gross’ Evolutionary Media company has an impressive roster of clients, including Jaguar, Volvo, Marriott, Amoeba Music, Hurley, Quiksilver, the Annenberg Foundation, the Oprah Winfrey Network, MOCA, DreamWorks, Fox Sports and even Shepard Fairey’s infamous “Hope” poster.

Native Angeleno Axelrod started with Evolutionary a decade ago as an intern. “Evolutionary Media Group was my first peek into the PR world. After graduating I ended up with the team and have made some

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